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Hello, At last, the mouse went on sale:)

Mouse by BJtales
We are honored and proud to introduce Mouse from Bjtales created by world re noun Russian artist Lidiya also known as Snul on the world wide net. Lidiya has allowed us to make molds directly from her dolls, so they are as close to her hand cast dolls as humanly possible. We will have several dolls in the future by this fantastic artist. Mouse is our first offering and very close to my heart. I hope you love Mouse as much as I do.

She is made of pure white resin
16cm tall.
6mm eyes, 3-4 wig.

Mouse will come with custom made glass eyes, and full body blushing, complete with hand and foot manicure. Wig and outfit are not included.

Preorder runs until December 4, 2011.
Delivery is March/April 2012.