My husband joked yesterday – «Soon from the depth of the ocean a letter will come, something like: could you please make a Mermaid for us and give us a doll making course?»

And thou it was only a joke I’ve felt with a little bit of terror that I’ve already got over ten reservations on my list, from all corners of the Earth.
And it means I have a lot to do. Really a lot.

I’m deeply, sincerely sorry – but I can take no more orders now. I wish I had a magic wand that would allow me to make my dolls faster – but each one takes above three weeks. They are all like children – need time, patience and love. The whole process is much like bearing a baby – the only difference is that you’re doing it not with your belly, but with your hands.

I want to give each and every one unique features – there are no two similar people on the Earth, so then why dolls should be?

And I’ll be also working on a couple of ideas when taking some rest of reservations – it feels like a thousands of thoughts in my head are twisting, tumbling, dancing inside, waiting to be born.

2 responses to “8-(

  • camomila

    I think part of what makes every one of your dolls so magical and unique is the effort and love you put into creating them and making sure they’re all one of a kind. Which is true about people and should be true about dolls. (: At least regarding fantastic artist dolls, such as yours.

    I’m sure every order you’re taking care of right now will turn out beautifully. Good luck.

  • Rella

    When you have such a huge talent like yours, it is
    reasonable that you have many ideas swirling in your head all the time. I am sure you dream them, also.
    It’s important, then, for you to take time between
    commissions to let that creative energy flow.
    It is MY dream that some day I a special one from your hands will come to live with me.

    xo Rella

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