Plaster molds from Mouse.

Many people asked to show, how I do plaster molds. It happens not so often because of my way of giving of individuality to dolls. Sometimes there is no near at hand a camera. Sometimes simply I forget to photograph process. And always it occurs at bad illumination because I prefer to work at night (excuse for quality of a photo, in the winter at us night almost round the clock). But here circumstances have developed so that I could make it. Accompany their very detailed comments I can not — my level of English insufficiently for technical terms. I hope that pictures will show main principles.
Though the White Mouse — my the first BJD — it enjoys wide popularity. I won’t sell it never for any money. But for a long time already wanted to make small circulation, about 10 copies. Now I have some orders for it — time has come.

She has a little become puzzled.

I do it with her eyes subsequently to have open space for individuality giving to each person of the doll.

When I did it is long couldn’t choose between human and mouse ears. Now I can try all variants.

White and green — plasticine JOVI
Yellow and black — plasticine for sculptural works.

All is ready for pouring of first half of parts from plaster.

Remove JOVI — is was for creation of the necessary relief of first half of form.

Now I should grease the top surface of plaster that second half wasn’t pasted. If it not to make — forms can be divided only a saw, the master-model hasn’t enough chances to survive in this case.

I use for this purpose a cheap cream for hands with silicone. You can experiment with different creams. He should create border for plaster, but then watch off, that forms weren’t fat.

After that it is possible to set up a fence from black plasticine back and to fill in second half of form with plaster.

The most difficult is passed. It is necessary to wash only parts from plasticine.

Here it again. Now I don’t have glue for a tail, but tomorrow she completely will recover from this shock.

I know that these forms not so beautiful — curves. But it seems to me that it not the main thing. I prefer to spend the creative energy on dolls, instead of for an esthetics of process of manufacturing.


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