White on the White.

This is how the cleanest and the most lucid porcelain in the world looks like when being made into a doll. I’m really charmed with its irreproachable structure. Me and Alena have photographed this state as an independent one. But this doll is a custom design and so I have to keep on working at her.
However after this shoot I arrived at an idea that seems quite interesting for me. I know that there are many amazingly talented make-up artists who paint their resin dolls with dedication and fantasy hardly achievable for me — I love sculpting material and giving it shape much more than painting.

And so the idea is to make several blank dolls which can be painted as resin ones but with one great difference – porcelain can not be damaged by any kind of vehicles and the paint will never eat into it and spoil the doll.

I’m quite sure that this opportunity will attract many talented people and furthermore will allow them to get round some difficulties they have to face when working with resin.

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