I want to understand that I have made for last year.

I want to understand what have I done for the last year.
First – I’ve mastered porcelain. I’m really happy that I’ve met a beautiful master Lyudmila Kaminskayaon my way. Here are some of her works:
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
One simple flower amazed me to the innermost of my heart. When I came to her workshop for the first time the first thing I saw was this lilac:
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
As it blossoms only in spring, and the whole thing was happening in autumn, I’ve wondered where did it come from – it looked so fresh and real and was just lying on the glass shelf, without water, and so I’ve decided that it was porcelain – furthermore I was in a porcelain workshop, so it made a perfect sense.
Then I’ve started to look all over this lilac through the showcase glass. And it turned out to be so real – with all its tiny petals, live and fresh, each flower grows on its place leaves are dense but thin – no chance for this to be man-made. But it was. That’s how I faced Ludmila’s mastery.
And, no, I didn’t take her lessons and didn’t study under her – she just gave me a couple of liters of porcelain so that I could train. And she also gave me one advice – not to listen to anybody and not to be afraid of anything, and then everything will go my way.
A few months after that I’ve brought her my first proceeded doll details for fighring.
When she saw them she told me that from now on I’m a welcomed guest in their workshop.
It is a pity we live in different cities and don’t have enough time for conversation
But I’ll try my best to drop in her wonderful workshop next year.

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