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Baobhan Sith, also known as Baobhan Sidhe, Bavanshee, Baavan Shee or The White Woman of the Scottish Highlands, is a fairy Vampire who appears to men taking a the form of a beautiful woman in order to seduce them and drink their blood.

* Scottish version of female Vampires and Succubi (as they lure men through sexual attraction), Baobhan Sith are very dangerous and evil and they act preying on human being, mostly hunters but unwary travellers passing by the Highlands as well.

According to legend, Baobhan Sith are mostly attracted to hunters (as their clothes might smell of blood) and to young men out after dark.

The words baobhan sith (pronounced baa’-van shee) stand for fairy woman in Scottish Gaelic.

Baobhan Sith are even more withdrawn from society than are their common counterparts. They don’t care about power, they just want to feed and prey upon their victims, youth staying out until after dark. The fairies approach their victims by inviting them to dance with them, until they are exhausted because while dancing the sidhe, feed upon them, sucking their blood until death.

They usually settle in forests or mountains, always in natural environment. Anyway Baobhan Sith will have a secured coffin somewhere underground so they can return to rest there during the day.
A lesser popular version tells they have hooves instead of feet, though they keep it hidden under their clothes. They may be of Human or Half-Elven stock, but they always appear as beautiful women and enchantresses, sometimes attacking in small groups with others of their kin. Baobhan Sith are supposed to be able to shift, but not into bats: their animal of choice is the wolf. |Shapeshifting will lessen their power as they won’t be able to use their glamour in animal form.

* They can speak any language their victim knows due to a form of telepathy, but they will sound as if they have a strange accent.

* Baobhan Sith don’t use fangs as most vampires do to draw blood, but their long and sharp finger nails. They look very ordinary until the vampire attacks, then turn into talons to win their victim.

* The so-called dancing vampires are capable of glamour and they use it to charm their victims through spells so they drain blood without the victim noticing. No male victim of theirs will turn into Baobhan Sith, as they are only women, but if they attack and kill a woman she will return as one of their kin. Most of them where previously enchanters or witches who keep on using their skills in death.

Baobhan Sith are fairy creatures so they might be harmed and killed by iron. But their awesome beauty is hard to resist even for those who understand how dangerous they are. Also, if horse-riding hunters are surrounded by baobhan sith they can usually ward them off by staying on the horse, if they manage to resist the creatures’ beauty.

The most common tale tells of four young friends who after hunting decided to spend their night in an abandoned cottage. As darkness fell they set a fire in the hearth and they started singing and dancing. As one of them expressed his wish to have female companions with them, four women knocked at their door and started dancing with the youths. As the baobhan sith started to attack their prey, one of the young men who was singing ran to the door, taking shelter between the horses. The creature that was running after him waited for him to get out of the safe circle formed by the animals but the man stayed within until dawn broke, and the woman disappeared shortly before the sun rose. The man returned to the cottage to find his friends dead and drained of blood. He was saved only because faery creatures are traditionally afraid of iron for it can harm and kill them, and the horses were shod with iron shoes.

Photos by Alena Belyakova

Another grade of porcelain for my dolls.

I did it! Yet I do not know that, but did 😎 Several months ago I have bought any grade of porcelain. It is good, as it looks ready — very white, a warm shade, sonorous as the hand bell and very transparent — seems that it is shone from within. Here is how it looks on a piece for the test:
At the left — new porcelain, on the right — what used earlier:
But when I bought — seller warned — it isn’t intended for molding in forms. Even if it is possible — that very difficult. But… The First casting!
Don’t worry, all my dolls after casting look like this 😎
And here already starts something to appear: elf1

I want to understand that I have made for last year.

I want to understand what have I done for the last year.
First – I’ve mastered porcelain. I’m really happy that I’ve met a beautiful master Lyudmila Kaminskayaon my way. Here are some of her works:
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
One simple flower amazed me to the innermost of my heart. When I came to her workshop for the first time the first thing I saw was this lilac:
Flowers of Lyudmila Kaminskaya
As it blossoms only in spring, and the whole thing was happening in autumn, I’ve wondered where did it come from – it looked so fresh and real and was just lying on the glass shelf, without water, and so I’ve decided that it was porcelain – furthermore I was in a porcelain workshop, so it made a perfect sense.
Then I’ve started to look all over this lilac through the showcase glass. And it turned out to be so real – with all its tiny petals, live and fresh, each flower grows on its place leaves are dense but thin – no chance for this to be man-made. But it was. That’s how I faced Ludmila’s mastery.
And, no, I didn’t take her lessons and didn’t study under her – she just gave me a couple of liters of porcelain so that I could train. And she also gave me one advice – not to listen to anybody and not to be afraid of anything, and then everything will go my way.
A few months after that I’ve brought her my first proceeded doll details for fighring.
When she saw them she told me that from now on I’m a welcomed guest in their workshop.
It is a pity we live in different cities and don’t have enough time for conversation
But I’ll try my best to drop in her wonderful workshop next year.

Hello there! My husband has made me blog.

Hello there! My husband has made me blog, which is the good thing, but for now unfortunately I’ve no idea what for and if it is necessary for me. But I’ll hopefully try to find it out.
There’s a chance that I will make this blog kind of technical so it would contain as you’ve already guessed technical information on my dolls and Alena Beljakova’s beautiful photos I will leave for my gallery and Flickr.
It’s difficult to conduct many resources simultaneously, so I think that now I will concentrate only on these three.

Самое большое количество интересной информации, как всегда, содержится на моей странице в контакте. Я не уверена, что смогу вести блог на двух языках одновременно , поэтому русскоговорящие пользователи всегда могут увидеть самое свежее тут:

Greetings. Well here.

Greetings. Well here.